Residential Valuation Reports

Private Valuation Report

There are many reasons why you may need a valuation report, for example if you are purchasing a property and don’t need a mortgage. Your accountant may suggest you have one if you are going to visit your bank manager with a business proposal or you may just need an accurate valuation of your home.

Help to Buy Valuations

Whether you are selling your Property which was purchased using the Help to Buy Scheme or repaying the loan from the Help to Buy Scheme. Our RICS Registered Valuers can prepare a Valuation Report compliant with the requirements of the Help to Buy Scheme.

Probate Valuation

These are needed if someone in your family passes away with property to bequeath. A solicitor may advise the executor of the estate that they need to provide a valuation of the deceased property in valuing the estate for inheritance tax purposes.

HMRC’s website has more information on inheritance tax.

Matrimonial Valuation

Separation and divorce can be a stressful and emotional time in your life. The family home may need to be valued to decide how your joint assets are to be shared.

We can provide a valuation for this purpose and we are used to producing reports that comply with the family procedure rules if the matter should proceed to court.

Drive by Valuation Report

A valuation based upon an external inspection of the property only.

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

If you sell a property that is not classed as your main residence, you will be liable to pay capital gains tax on the proceeds of the sale.

If the property was purchased before 1982 the cut off point for the valuation is 31st March 1982.

We can provide a 1982 valuation Report for capital gains tax purposes.

HMRC’s website has more information on Capital Gains Tax tax.

Compulsory Purchase Orders

CPO’s are made by the council for a variety of reasons and if it happens to you it can be a difficult time. Our surveyors can assist you by giving their opinion of a fair purchase price of your home and they can negotiate with the council on your behalf.

Should you wish to discuss your individual Property Valuation requirements in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us