It can look pretty and is lovely if you don’t have anywhere to go, but most of us are a little bit fed up with it now and want it to disappear!

As I was taking our little boy to nursery last Wednesday, by obligatory sledge of course, I had time to look around and noticed a few properties like the one in the photo accompanying this blog post.

Snow and ice can damage property and when there is a lot of it can be a force to be reckoned with.

IMG_0194This photo shows that the snow has slipped off the roof and broken the gutter, this is obvious to the home owner, but make sure that when the snow thaws you have a good look around at the outside of your property to see if the guttering has been cracked or distorted by the weight of the snow.

Check drives and footpaths for cracking or uneven paving stones, if freezing ice and snow has penetrated a crack then this can damage tarmac or path surfaces.

Check your brickwork for signs of spalling bricks, or eroded pointing (cement between the bricks).  You can test any bricks or pointing by using something like a screwdriver, to see if it is soft or crumbly in texture. If it is it may need attention.

Check your roof covering for any signs of slipped or chipped slates or tiles, and the cement at the edge of your roof called the verge can also be susceptible to frost damage if water has managed to get into a crack and has frozen.

We get some really big icicles up in Consett where we live, due to the exposure of being on top of a hill! This second photo shows some fine examples over a shop on Front Street. If you do have icicles on your property, try to knock the ones you can safely reach off, perhaps with a broom, again the weight of these can cause your guttering to break.

Property maintenance is essential if you see signs of wear and tear to your home. It might cost a small amount of money to put something right when you first spot it, but if you leave it it could become worse and end up costing you even more money.

Hopefully these tips will come in useful now the snow is melting away!